We are a growing team, unrelenting and passionate about building great products. We’ve got folks who are pragmatic, imaginative or a quirky combination of both. We yearn for purpose in our work & support each other to grow. We work very hard with people we respect and admire, and we play to win.

Reasons why you shouldn’t join us

You don’t like to take ownership.

We want you to run your business/job/task as if it’s the only asset you own. It might be anything – Picking the trash, Sales, Engineering, Design, Operations, or Finance.

You don’t ask questions.

We value curiosity. We want you to make an effort to learn proactively. Think beyond your role and understand our strategy, business, tech and vision.

You’re content with the status quo.

We want you to reconceptualize issues and think from first principles. You don’t just better existing things, but constantly create new, amazing, useful things.

Constraints feel restrictive.

We want you to act now, think later. You’re going to be working under constraints and with limited resources and this excites you!

Constructive criticism is a scam.

We care about our clients, our team, our company and our vision. Pando first, egos next.

You hate iterations.

We’re constantly evolving. We’re flexible, fast, lean and responsive.

You choose diplomacy over honest, respectful conversations.

We love non-political and candid communications, decisions and disagreements.

Constant change weighs you down.

We’re never surprised by change and consistently prepare ahead to deal with it.

We’re actively hiring!

At Pando, you will be challenged to do hard things that you have not done before, and learn to work with limited resources to solve problems that will touch lives tangibly, every day. If this sounds exciting to you, write to us at hi@pando.in, with your LinkedIn Profile or CV!

Anything you do for Pando, you do for yourself – own it, and grow with it.

No.3, Khader Nawaz Khan Rd,
Chennai 600006